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Mother is Leaving Us

Posted by Scott Morris on

Mother is leaving us. She told me she is going home soon, to her new heavenly home where she has a reservation. This confident assurance has characterized her whole life and it has been her constant message to everyone who knows her. People have been coming to her for encouragement for decades...

Be Still My Soul

Posted by Scott Morris on

Do you remember when reading was what you did when you were bored? Radio or television became early substitutes for reading. Now there is the internet, the world-wide web of technology to ensnare every free thought and moment. Boredom now almost seems a rare luxury. Research into the opinions...

Unshakable Faith

Posted by Scott Morris on

Only the most determined effort of will seems able to protect us from a relentless assault––that is the war of political ideologies in this present age. A regular refreshing of our faith is available by a review of the armor of God in Ephesians 6:11-18. A frequent nourishing of the...

Heart Therapy

Posted by Scott Morris on

More often than now and then, I get defensive about what I imagine someone else thinks of me. Usually, it is what I’m afraid they may have good reason to think of me. This situation arises before I’m aware of it and feelings have already been hurt. It is insulting to assume that...

An Uncloudy Sky

Posted by Scott Morris on

Once upon a time, I lived in a place where the skies were not cloudy all day, or all year, usually. And it was HOT. This was a legendary desert in the Middle East where whole armies have been known to disappear in a single day, overwhelmed by rolling dunes in a driving sandstorm. Maybe...

Stand Amazed

Posted by Scott Morris on

God’s work in the world today is a perpetual and glorious spectacle, but perception is highly susceptible to expectation. Do I “stand amazed in the presence of Jesus,” or overwhelmed by some natural phenomenon of earth and sky? O my God, will you strengthen my faith? I grew up...

Come Into My Heart

Posted by Scott Morris on

Into my heart, into my heart,Come into my heart, Lord Jesus;Come in today, come in to stay,Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. When we sang this song, long ago and far away, I felt God’s presence with unusual emotion. My eyes would water. I’d get choked up and have to stop singing for a...

First Step: Prayer

Posted by Scott Morris on

A few weeks ago, three of my friends came to the same conclusion: that I should join them in efforts to bring more people to Christ. They were challenging me to share the gospel more, but I felt more pushed than called. Even when I know something is for the best, I don’t naturally yield...


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