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A few months ago my newly nine-year-old leaned close to me during a quiet moment of Sunday morning worship. “Can I take communion?” He whispered in the way little boys do that can actually be louder than spoken words. I looked at him, faced with a decision to reflect on this request...

I Changed My Mind

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How many times have you changed your mind about something? I don’t mean whether or not you would order dessert, but really altered your position on a weighty matter? If you have a particularly stubborn nature like I do, probably not often. Has your mind been changed suddenly, or was change...

Watching the Hawks

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I watch hawks on a regular basis. There are Cooper’s hawks, sharp-shinned hawks and red-shouldered hawks in this area. By far the largest number of hawks I see, however, are the sturdy red-tailed hawks. At least two of them perch in a dying tree in a forested area at the edge of our...

Shared Humanity

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Our world argues for everything to be mutually exclusive. We argue over position and place and prominence. We fight to be noticed, defended and celebrated. We argue over whose lives matter most, whose side God is on and whether he prefers elephants or donkeys, a socialist or free market...

"Thou art indeed just, Lord"

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    Lately, I have been busy, but feel I am accomplishing little. It is the sort of busyness our Western culture strangely seems to value. I could enumerate several tasks I have completed throughout the day, yet the weightier ones, the ones which possess the most significance seem to...


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Jerry destroyed Oval. He ripped his seams wide open and pulled out all his stuffing. Jerry is our miniature labradoodle, and Oval is our eight-year-old’s favorite stuffed animal. He got him when he was about three years old on a trip to IKEA. He named him in the parking lot on the way to...

The Great Beyond and the Here and Now

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  In November of 1981 I travelled through time both back two thousand years and forward an indeterminate number. That is to say, I burst out of the constraints of time. My father lowered me into a 5' x 10' tub of water and I entered into the death, burial and resurrection of Christ...


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