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Conviction in Christ

Posted by Amy Walton on

Whether someone is a Christian or not, we are capable of doing good things because we are all created in the image of God. So what is the difference between a Christian who does good things and a non-Christian who does good things? The answer may seem simple. It’s Jesus. But what does that look like, and are we living in a way that shows the world a difference between us and someone who doesn’t believe in Christ and does good things?

One issue that clouds the difference is that sometimes we use God as a moral standard rather than recognizing Jesus as our Living Savior. 

When we use God as a moral standard, we do “good things” and help others, but what hope do we offer them in the long run? We fill a physical need, or maybe even temporarily an emotional one, but that doesn’t get to the heart of people’s need for Jesus. We cover a gunshot wound with a bandaid rather than doing the dirty work of cutting it open and removing the bullet. God does lay out a moral standard, but deeper than that, He offers us love, joy, and eternal life for all our days to come. That’s the hope that people need. 

When we believe Jesus truly lived, died, and rose again, and that what He said is true, it changes everything. Not just our behavior but our hearts. It changes the reason behind why we do good things. We don’t do good things because that’s what the Bible tells us to do, as if it is some rule book to follow. We do good things because we know that without Jesus, we are nothing, and we are so thankful for His sacrifice that following His example is the natural response. Our lives and good deeds look different than the world’s because we are transformed into Christ’s likeness.

Christianity is no longer a good moral standard when we recognize our brokenness, but it is our lifeline. It changes our good deeds into the life-giving water that Jesus offers us. When we love and serve people who don’t know Christ, that water flows out of us, and it is undeniable that there is something different about the way we love. It’s not necessarily something that can be described, but rather it is felt on a deep level that draws people into the love of God.

Our conviction in Christ and the hope he offers make all the difference in the way we serve people. That’s why our mission is to live transformed lives by the power of the Holy Spirit for the sake of the world; so that people see the power of God’s love and Christ’s sacrifice in all we do.


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