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Opening and Closing Doors

Posted by Stephen Kenney on

When we pray to God for guidance, we should not be surprised when he answers that prayer.  In other words, we should look expectantly for his guidance.  In addition to the general guidance given in his word, we might do well to expect that he would speak to us through our circumstances.  These circumstances will not always be pleasant.  It would be great if God would guide us by making obvious open doors with well-manicured sidewalks leading to them.  This is rare.  More commonly, we do not see open doors, but instead, we hear doors slamming behind us.  When that happens, it is natural to be upset, especially if the door closes on something we loved – something we did not want to leave behind.  When the doors close, remember, do not rage against a closed door.  Closed doors give as much guidance, if not more, than open doors.  It is ill-advised to let disappointment cloud our eyes or slow our steps.  Accept God's leading.

All we need to do when confronted with clearly open doors or firmly closed ones is simply to accept them.  If God tells us we must leave Ur in plain and easily understood words, the dilemma is obedience, not interpretation.  No, the more difficult problem is when we experience closing doors or doors merely cracked open.  Should we stick a foot in the closing door?  Or should we take a crowbar to one only partially open?  Here is the call for patience.  The closing door may open again.  Wait for it.  The open door may close as we approach it.  Wait for it.  Again, we accept God's lead, and we trust him to guide us.  In the meantime, we learn patience.

We will learn this lesson over and over.  God will be patient with us while we learn to be patient with him.  May God guide each of us into his perfect will.



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