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“The Lord said to Moses, “Tell Aaron and his sons to treat with respect the sacred offerings the Israelites consecrate to me, so they will not profane my holy name. I am the Lord.”Leviticus 22:1-2 NIV

It’s as if babies instinctively know the sacred. As if they have been told to “treat with respect” the offerings that are dedicated to God. I witness it over and over, on a nightly basis. I am kneeling by the crib and my head is bowed and my hands are folded, offering to God thanksgiving for her continued protection. I’m offering my soul, my strength, my mind in prayer over her little crib. I am praying on her behalf since she is too young to form a prayer. 

I often wonder what it is to be “the priesthood of all believers.” I get stuck on the priestliness of it––of what it is to do priesthood stuff. My current understanding comes from reading Leviticus where the Levites are advocates on behalf of the other tribes of Israel. The clans bring sacred offerings and the Levites present them to God. The clans are not allowed into the sacred places of the tabernacle, but the Levites are. They represent the clans. They are stand-ins on behalf of the Israelites. 

When I pray on your behalf, I am voicing what your voice can’t. I am advocating to God needs you may not know you have. That is what I think priestliness is. 

I do it on my knees, with bowed head, hands folded. The baby has been fidgeting and fighting sleep. I’ve read her a story, I’ve sung, I’ve rubbed her forehead and still, she’s squirming. But I say, shh, quiet now, Nana’s going to pray. 

I am kneeling at her crib. Night after night, head is bowed, hands are folded, thanking God for protecting her. I’m thanking Him with my whole soul, strength and mind over her little crib, and her little hand reaches out and pats the crest of my head and it’s like she is anointing my head for this sacred moment. Roles are reversed and it’s as if she knows (and for how long?) that this is sacred ground. 

Leslie Kenney is mom to three adult children, grandmother to two littles, and wife to Steve Kenney, North Central Senior Minister. She is involved in Global Missions and ESL (and other ministries) at North Central. Leslie works in marketing and in her spare time loves to read, write and garden.


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