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The Sacred Pause

Posted by Scott Morris on

When life is all a roaring wind and a blur of passing moments propelled by crisis or obligation, stop for a few moments to rest and think. When every activity of life is a race or a desperate contest of will, wait and see where you stand, whether you really need to move so fast or not. Devote these moments of contemplation to the consideration of God’s will for you. This is the sacred pause, the devotion of a moment to holiness.

The headlong rush from crisis to crisis and the persistent demands of the world may be wearing you out, leaving you too weary to love your dear ones the way you wish you could. Your dear Savior desires your attention, too.

We gather every week to worship together and our communion is a special occasion for paying loving attention to our Savior. This has been properly referred to as a sacred pause, but it should not be the only one:

Pause to Pray

Pause to Sing

Pause to Listen

Pause to Repent

Pause to Comfort

Pause to Help

Pause to Rest

A healthy spiritual life includes the sacred pause. It is a healing comfort for the stresses of a troubled soul. It is a refreshment for the desolate or desperate life. It is a blessing from God Almighty, intended for the comfort and restoration of His beloved children. Pause for a moment to praise His name.

Scott Morris is a retired Quality Engineer from Raytheon Middle East Systems. Married to Lisa since 1980, they have three grown children. As a family they lived 6 years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Scott later worked 10 additional years solo in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He now drives part-time for a vehicle relocation company.

Scott grew up in the church of Christ and was baptized at the Broadway and Walnut church of Christ in Santa Ana, CA in 1961 by Br. Harry Robert Fox. He attended Harding College after graduating from high school in Murray, KY.

Scott and his family moved to Indianapolis from Riyadh in January 1999 and placed membership at North Central shortly afterwards.


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