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Unshakable Faith

Posted by Scott Morris on

Only the most determined effort of will seems able to protect us from a relentless assault––that is the war of political ideologies in this present age. A regular refreshing of our faith is available by a review of the armor of God in Ephesians 6:11-18. A frequent nourishing of the Spirit may be found in a re-reading of Galatians 5:22-23, regarding the Fruit of the Spirit.

I know it is often hard to bear the constant strife of our daily struggle. It confronts us everywhere. Sadly, it even arises at church. People are very emotional and aroused about politics, maybe even more than sports. I think this is because the stakes are so much higher. We tend to take it very seriously when our lifestyle and livelihood is threatened. Whether the threat is credible or not, we become defensive. There is also an undercurrent of terror driven by forces in our culture.

In moments of calm and prayerful reflection, we may be able to recognize that it is our spiritual well-being that is really under attack, and we can know who the attacker ultimately is. In Ephesians 6:12, Paul points out that our struggle is actually with “world forces of darkness, and spiritual forces of wickedness.” The attacker doesn’t care whether you are a republican or a democrat. The enemy only wants to keep us at each other’s throats; scared, angry and defensive.

Our limitless information resources are wide open for exploitation by the “forces of darkness.” Who’s the first person you ask when you want to know anything these days? If you’re like me, probably Google. Quick answers for snap decisions are just what we want, but aren’t we to ask God? Consider this; God may have a bearing on how you drive across town, or where you buy a pair of shoes. If He is invited into the world of your personal information, you may discover that things will go smoother for you. You will certainly find a heightened sense of assurance in your decision making.

Next time you hear someone on the news explaining why you should be afraid, ask God if He agrees that something other than Himself deserves your fear. He has equipped His children with protective gear so that we may face our stressful lives with confident assurance. The fruits of His Spirit nourish us and strengthen us so that we may minister to others and dispense the grace that God has given us in abundance.

The world is a mess, no doubt, but we should live in it as God intended, confident and assured of a better world to come, a world where we should invite others to live with us … forever.

May God’s own love, joy and peace fill you richly.


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