During times of uncertainty, we expect many will be inclined to turn to people of faith for assurance, understanding, and possibly assistance. We also need to reimagine ways in which we can deliver needed spiritual or physical sustenance to those of our body at greatest risk or need. Our weekly gathering may be curtailed for a short while, but our scattering is always for a purpose. The time has never been more appropriate for you to be the church.

With this in mind, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Be attentive to the opportunities to pray and serve those around you, and use this time to offer hope.

  • Creatively consider how you might use this time with your own family. Many of you have the YouVersion Bible app which has a number of reading plans, including family devotional plans such as “Loves Does for Kids.” “Rest” is the Lenten theme this week. Read and discuss together the daily devotions or Psalm 131.

  • Continue supporting the ministry of the church financially, knowing that donations (online and those mailed) in the next few weeks will be earmarked for providing assistance to those in our community who are financially challenged by this health crisis due to limited resources.

  • Look for email blasts or info on our Facebook Page indicating new ways in which we might broadcast messages from the pulpit, our shepherds and others.

    This excerpt is taken from a message from North Central staff and Elders about health and safety measures amid COVID 19 concerns. The message in its entirety may be read here.

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