Hispanic Ministry

North Central is actively reaching out to the community in northern Indianapolis with numerous activities for the Hispanic community. This ethnic group represents some of the newer members of our geographic community. The main purpose of the Hispanic ministry is two-fold. First, is to reach out to Hispanics with the love of Christ through assisting in meeting the concerns of this community. Second is to present the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to those that we contact. 

Outreach Activities

One major activity is the adult ESL (English as a Second Language) classes offered throughout the year. The classes emphasize learning conversational English. Numerous English-speaking volunteers help make these classes highly practical. Childcare is provided for the students of ESL during the classes. In addition to recreational activities, these children and youth study the Bible. Social activities for the ESL students are held throughout the year. 

Twice a year the Hispanic Ministry joins with the We Care, We Share ministry to offer assistance to the local community. The two events are a school supply assistance program in August and a Christmas assistance program in December. Participants in these programs are chosen based on needs.

In addition, the Hispanic ministry offers teaching and consultation to help the Hispanic population confront the challenges experienced in learning to adjust to life in the USA.

Spanish Worship & Bible Study

Weekly the Hispanic group of North Central, called Renacimiento / Rebirth, offers a Spanish language worship on Sunday’s from 10:45 am to 12:15 pm. This activity is designed to meet the needs of Spanish speakers who desire to worship God in Spanish through songs, prayers and biblical teaching. During the worship time, age-appropriate programs are provided for the younger children.

In addition to the Sunday activities, numerous opportunities are offered throughout the week for further study of the Bible in Spanish. These studies are designed to introduce students to the Bible, build biblical knowledge, and help students apply the Bible to their everyday lives in a meaningful way. 

Because the children and youth of Hispanic families are frequently more comfortable speaking English, we encourage them to participate in the children and youth activities of the Anglo church. In 2009 Hispanic youth began participating with other youth of the congregation in the outstanding Christian development program, Leadership Training for Christ.

Walter Castro
Renacimiento Hispanic Minister Contact
317.846.8166 Extensión 60


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