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Come Into My Heart

Posted by Scott Morris on

Into my heart, into my heart,Come into my heart, Lord Jesus;Come in today, come in to stay,Come into my heart, Lord Jesus. When we sang this song, long ago and far away, I felt God’s presence with unusual emotion. My eyes would water. I’d get choked up and have to stop singing for a...

The Social Side of Church

Posted by Crystal Hammon on

  “The church is not a social club.” Through the years, this maxim has made its way into church teaching as if it originated with scripture. It’s a well-intended phrase, meant to remind Christians that our gatherings aren’t about us or even about solving the...


Posted by April Bumgardner on

  As the daffodils dip their heads slightly and the lilacs bloom in heavy clusters, I am beginning to think of those among us who are eager to sleep in, pack away the books and not worry about an upcoming exam. Here’s to those involved in formal education: our students. Our word...

Someone to Look After Me

Posted by Dale Robinson on

Prior to my mom’s death a few weeks ago, she had suffered for 10 years from the debilitating effects of Pick’s disease, a relatively rare form of dementia.  At the outset of the disorder, mom began jumbling “yes” and “no.”  A year or two later, she...

Lord Come Quickly

Posted by Stephen Kenney on

  Maranatha. The word rolls off our tongues easily––Lord come quickly––but its implications might give us pause.  Do I really want the Lord to come quickly?  Perhaps even tonight? When all is right with my life, I confess I do not always crave the final...

First Step: Prayer

Posted by Scott Morris on

A few weeks ago, three of my friends came to the same conclusion: that I should join them in efforts to bring more people to Christ. They were challenging me to share the gospel more, but I felt more pushed than called. Even when I know something is for the best, I don’t naturally yield...

Broken Expectations

Posted by April Bumgardner on

  Expectations can get you into trouble. At the very least they can unsettle and dissatisfy you. As a young mother my impatience grew directly out of fixed expectations that didn't always pan out.  My three-month-old was colicky and would not allow me to rest. As he grew older, I was...

Magnificent Defeat

Posted by Dale Robinson on

“What’s lost is nothing to what’s found, and all the death that ever was, would scarcely fill a cup.” –– Frederick Buechner “How long has it been since your son’s death?” I asked Jack Jacobs.  “One month and nineteen...


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