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Extending Thankfulness

Posted by Leslie Kenney on

Most of my prayer life focuses on thanking God. Even when life is chaotic and exhausting, there’s always an abundance of blessings. I’m praying at my granddaughter Caroline’s bedside and a memory interjects. As I pray, a memory of flowers and of gathered friends and family...

Yielding to the Spirit

Posted by Scott Morris on

On Sunday, October 6, the elders led a combined worship service that included an announcement of changes in the involvement of women in worship. (See this website for the elders’ written transcript here or in audio form here). An eagle passed over Rangeline Road in Carmel on...

Start Where You Are

Posted by Stephen Kenney on

Sometimes we have grand dreams of what we will do for God if we could just get away to travel to another place or if we were just at another stage of life. We do not intend to procrastinate, but ... Our personal situations will never be optimal for advancing God's kingdom. Legitimate obstacles...

Made in the Icon of God

Posted by April Bumgardner on

In the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches icons are ubiquitous. The brightly colored, naive paintings of Jesus, Mary and the apostles, often depicting biblical stories or portraying theological concepts, are used in times of worship, prayer, and for educational or decorative purposes. They...


Posted by Scott Kenney on

“There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood....” Proverbs 6:16 - 17 “Haughty eyes” has several meanings, but in this post, I’m talking about self-righteousness as...

Worshiping through Depression

Posted by Stephen Kenney on

My heart goes out to those who are depressed in our worship assemblies.  Many people can rely on their personal temperaments to help them fully participate in corporate worship.  It's harder for ones who come to worship feeling dull, slow, even sad and...

Women of Valor

Posted by Dana Robinson on

I grew up in the company of men. With a father, three brothers, a husband and two sons, my closest human bonds throughout my life primarily have been male. As a child, the kids I played with on my street were boys, and most of the kids in my class at church were boys. I didn’t really spend...


Posted by April Bumgardner on

A few months ago my newly nine-year-old leaned close to me during a quiet moment of Sunday morning worship. “Can I take communion?” He whispered in the way little boys do that can actually be louder than spoken words. I looked at him, faced with a decision to reflect on this request...


Posted by Stephen Kenney on

We are called to hospitality.  (I Peter 4:9; Hebrews 13:2; Matthew 25:31-46).  This includes not only our spiritual family but even strangers. How can we practice hospitality in the 21st century to strangers?  I suggest a minimal first step:  see...


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