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Posted by April Bumgardner on

Jerry destroyed Oval. He ripped his seams wide open and pulled out all his stuffing. Jerry is our miniature labradoodle, and Oval is our eight-year-old’s favorite stuffed animal. He got him when he was about three years old on a trip to IKEA. He named him in the parking lot on the way to...

Thank you, God!

Posted by Dana Robinson on

In August, I was in Alaska for my niece’s wedding. Several of the family had just spent a miserably cold, wet day in Seward touring the Kenai Fjords National Park in search of whales, seals, sea birds and other marine wildlife, without any luck. The sea was extremely rough because of an...

Mother is Leaving Us

Posted by Scott Morris on

Mother is leaving us. She told me she is going home soon, to her new heavenly home where she has a reservation. This confident assurance has characterized her whole life and it has been her constant message to everyone who knows her. People have been coming to her for encouragement for decades...

The Great Beyond and the Here and Now

Posted by April Bumgardner on

  In November of 1981 I travelled through time both back two thousand years and forward an indeterminate number. That is to say, I burst out of the constraints of time. My father lowered me into a 5' x 10' tub of water and I entered into the death, burial and resurrection of Christ...

When Fear Creeps In

Posted by Lynn Utley on

I’ve been reflecting lately about being fearful. Looking at even the last three to four weeks in our state and country, there would seem to be many things to fear.  From mass shootings, to hate crimes and natural disasters.    Then there are the everyday fears...

Be Still My Soul

Posted by Scott Morris on

Do you remember when reading was what you did when you were bored? Radio or television became early substitutes for reading. Now there is the internet, the world-wide web of technology to ensnare every free thought and moment. Boredom now almost seems a rare luxury. Research into the opinions...

How to close the gap on what separates you from God

Posted by Crystal Hammon on

Did you ever know someone who made you feel like a rock star every time you saw them? Until his death last spring, our family friend Bob Hittner was that for me.Bob always seemed as though he might die from the sheer joy of having your company once again. If you judged by his delight, you could...

The Ridiculousness of Faith

Posted by April Bumgardner on

The ridiculousness of faith: when God becomes illogical Every once in awhile we experience the struggles, failures or difficulties, which threaten to undo us. During these times we may feel the profound weight of pain pulling us to our knees in prayer like gravity. We search for answers and...

Hands Up

Posted by Dana Robinson on

“Everyone hold up your hands and say, ‘Weeee!!’” The allusion is to riding a roller coaster, and the saying was one of my mom’s favorites.  Her meaning: You can’t control life’s twists and turns, but you can decide whether to scream and throw up...


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