BLOG––Encouraged by Faith

What Are You Listening To?

Posted by Lynn Utley on

I am, generally speaking, a positive person and am truly grateful to God for everything. But, there are times that I just simply get exhausted from the "messaging" that occupies my own mind and that is everywhere in the world. You know, the voices of others and your own sometimes doubting...

Good and Faithful Servant

Posted by Scott Morris on

Most of my life I’ve wanted to be what God wants me to be. I’ll admit there were some times when that was not my intent. I was fortunate to survive those interludes of self-centered folly, and I consider it a blessing from God to have experienced a few death-defying thrills without...

"Thou art indeed just, Lord"

Posted by April Bumgardner on

    Lately, I have been busy, but feel I am accomplishing little. It is the sort of busyness our Western culture strangely seems to value. I could enumerate several tasks I have completed throughout the day, yet the weightier ones, the ones which possess the most significance seem to...

In the world––not of it

Posted by Crystal Hammon on

The gospels are full of interesting clues about how Christ handled himself while he lived on earth. One thing is apparent about his way of life: whenever he was tired, overwhelmed or grieved, he sought solitude. When Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been beheaded, he withdrew to a private...

A Great Question

Posted by Lynn Utley on

I listened to a sermon a couple of years ago that encouraged us as believers to ask one or two people in our trusted circle the question,  “What’s it like to BE, on the other side of ME?”It is a great question, isn’t it? During the sermon, the guest speaker...

Wild Boy

Posted by Scott Morris on

I have resisted or rebelled against human authority all my life. I don’t like to be controlled by others. I hate to be pushed or pressured to conform to anyone else’s expectations. My first response to coercion or threat is defensive, even before thought. As a child I dreamed of...