BLOG––Encouraged by Faith

Confessions of an Introvert Hoping to be Faithful

Posted by April Bumgardner on

I was in my early twenties when I finally realized I was introverted. I suppose I had not really thought much about it until then. There is something about being in a foreign country, however, struggling to speak to as many people in a day as possible, while working in missions, that smacks you...

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Posted by Amy Walton on

You know that feeling when you are standing in a smelly room and you are basically holding your breath for fear of inhaling whatever it is. That awful choking feeling that overwhelms you as you wait to escape. Now step outside. Fresh air. Imagine that first deep breath, the clean, fresh air...

Becoming a New Man or Woman

Posted by Crystal Hammon on

  I was worshipping with family friends one Sunday when the youngest of their five children asked to be baptized. Afterwards, his sister (the only girl in the family) hugged him and said, “Oh, boy, am I ever looking forward to that new man you’re going to be.” I laughed...

Heart Therapy

Posted by Scott Morris on

More often than now and then, I get defensive about what I imagine someone else thinks of me. Usually, it is what I’m afraid they may have good reason to think of me. This situation arises before I’m aware of it and feelings have already been hurt. It is insulting to assume that...

Tell Me a Story

Posted by April Bumgardner on

Ever since my boys have been little, my husband has regaled them with stories from his own childhood. The “Uncle Eric” stories about his younger brother have always been the most popular, and now the eight-year-old repeats them to us as if they are fresh tales yet unheard by our...

Incline Your Ear

Posted by Dana Robinson on

A friend told me about an experience she had recently of hearing the voice of God. Not through reading His Word. Not in reflection through prayer. Not through godly counsel or the wisdom of the church. Not through life’s circumstances. No, she was in a movie theatre lobby when God told...

Sabbath Rest

Posted by Becky Frazier, Guest Author on

Most of us have probably been around a toddler that was in need of some sleep. Their cute little cherub faces can suddenly morph, tired eyes and petulant lips turning them into diminutive monsters, whose vocabulary is limited to the word “NO!” And while I like to think that I am...

An Uncloudy Sky

Posted by Scott Morris on

Once upon a time, I lived in a place where the skies were not cloudy all day, or all year, usually. And it was HOT. This was a legendary desert in the Middle East where whole armies have been known to disappear in a single day, overwhelmed by rolling dunes in a driving sandstorm. Maybe...

Called to Love

Posted by Stephen Kenney on

I watched an interview with David Gregory and Yossi Klein Halevi recently and was amazed at how the discussions going on with Judaism today have ancient roots.  So many of the issues are framed by the attitude toward land. Must a Jewish person today be a Zionist? In overly...


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